The discoloration on my hands. The dark parts are not my normal skin tone. Over the course of two years my knuckles, fingers, and wrists have become really dark in pigment. It used to be darker but over the summer my doctor pointed out that it was fading a bit and had stopped spreading. A few months later not only did it start spreading again but I began developing light patches between my fingers. The skin all feels the same, it doesn’t itch, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just different shades. The skin in the middle of my hands is closer to the shade of the rest of my body but I think it’s a little bit lighter.

My dermatologist isn’t sure what is but I also haven’t been back to her since the summer. I went to an endocrinologist who determined it wasn’t pre-diabetes or anything like that. My dermatologist has given me some gel type stuff to put on it to try to make it fade but it’s the texture of vaseline so I never do it and then cancel the appointment with her because I don’t feel like lying or being judged for not taking my medicine. 

Now that I have the light patches I’m thinking about finding a different dermatologist and having them look at it. I also have the dark spots on my elbows and to a lesser extent my knees and toes but the pale splotches are pretty much reserved for my fingers. 

I personally figure it’s a combination of basic hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation because I seem to be in perfectly fine health otherwise. I don’t know if I consider it to be vitiligo just yet because the light parts aren’t exactly white, just extremely light compared to my skin. 

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